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Lucas Lorenzi

Head of ATC Kyoto is Lucas Lorenzi, an MSTAT (The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) admitted and certified senior teacher who trained full-time in the early 1980's with U.Eshet and Y.Kuperman and other second and some of the first generation teachers in the tradition established by F.M. Alexander. 

He has given many lessons and workshops in Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, England, the USA and Japan and has taught the Alexander Technique in a number of different settings mainly from the performance arts. He did assist the teacher training courses for future instructors on an official basis for many years in Basel, Freiburg and Cologne.

Coming from a musical family he enjoys success in his career as a flutist.

Lucas Lorenzi loves to teach the Alexander Technique for restoring the mindbody in its widest range of possibility as a means towards better health, greater awareness, freedom to change and the ability to choose or rid oneself of habits.

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